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  • Through transition of Japanese manufacturing in various aspects, manufacturing abroad has been demanded as indispensable strategy. The market has been increasingly globalized and diversified day by day. We have our areas of business activities expanded through our first advancement to the United States in 1988, Thailand in 1999, and Czech Republic in 2004.
    Toyo's overseas expansion has been steadily advancing, leading to establishment of business locations in 9 countries across the world. We have been supporting manufacturers, mainly Japanese manufacturers, in the respective locations in daily production, and as a result, our mobility is highly rated.
    [Tool Sales]
    For the purpose of delivering services in the respective locations in the similar way to the one practiced in Japan, we have been providing quality industrial goods made in Japan or any other countries to customers in various transporting forms timely and reasonably as a global best partner. We are ready to receive the request from the local site through online network with the respective locations abroad for making the estimate, and perform order reception and ordering realtime. The products will be delivered to the PTS in the location through aerial transport weekly from Japan for timely contribution to production of the customer.
    [Transportation Facilitiy]
    We will back up relocation of facilities abroad resulting from establishment of plants or relocation of assembly line from a viewpoint of the trading company. The machinery purchased by Toyo will be exported through procedure for transportations, taking the position as the exporter, and imported into the location abroad by Toyo as the importer.The local staff of the location in the corresponding region will support the customer.

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