Privacy Policy

Toyo Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Toyo) may ask for personal information when someone asks for information about Toyo products and services, visit us, purchases a product, uses a service, has a business estimate or contract made with Toyo, responds to a job offer or joins the company. Toyo may also acquire publicly available personal information when acquiring registries and so on.

Toyo shall handle the personal information that it receives and acquires with the utmost care in accordance with its “Guidelines for Handling Personal Information.”

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information refers to information that can be used to identify an individual. This information includes information—such as a customer’s address, name, age, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, sex, title, and company name—that identifies or can be used to identify an individual by itself or when combined with other information.

Fundamental Policy

1. When personal information is acquired, the purpose for which the information will be used shall be specified to the highest degree possible, and the information shall be used appropriately within the scope required for the accomplishment of the specified purpose.

2. Toyo shall take measures to prevent unauthorized access to or loss, destruction, falsification or leaking of personal information, and if any of the above problems should occur, Toyo shall promptly take measures to correct the problem.

3. Toyo shall strictly adhere to all laws and regulations pertaining to personal information.

4. Toyo shall continuously improve its personal information management system.

Purposes for Using Personal Information

Toyo shall only use the personal information in its possession within the scope defined by the following list. Toyo shall not use personal information for any purpose not listed below.

  • To obtain information about a customer’s opinions and impressions
  • To respond to questions and requests for documents from customers
  • To provide information about Toyo products and services, etc.
  • For market research and to develop new products and services
  • To confirm, deliver, send or request payment for purchased or requested products and services
  • To gather opinions and requests to improve existing products and services or develop new ones
  • For auditing purposes
  • For procedures pertaining to personnel management and labor relations, such as the payment and adjusting of salaries; for procedures pertaining to social and labor insurance; and for procedures set forth in laws and regulations and other laws.
  • For other matters incidental or pertaining to Toyo’s business

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Toyo shall only provide personal information to third parties under the following circumstances.

  • When Toyo has received the prior consent of the customer to do so
  • When Toyo hires a third party for a purpose within the scope of the purposes for using personal information specified above
  • When Toyo provides the information as statistical data or in another form in which customers cannot be identified
  • When Toyo is legally required to provide the information
  • When the information is necessary to protect someone’s life or property and it is difficult to receive the customer’s permission to use the information
  • When there is a particular need for the information for the purposes of public hygiene or the promotion of the healthy raising of children and it is difficult to receive the customer’s permission to use the information
  • When it is necessary to cooperate with national or local governments to help them carry out clerical work required by law and acquiring the permission of the customer might interfere with the carrying out of this work

Personal Information Management
Toyo shall conduct appropriate management of personal information to ensure prevention of loss, destruction, tampering, unauthorized access, and leakage of the information.

Information Disclosure
Toyo shall comply with the request of a customer to disclose or correct his/her personal information as directed by law. For further information pertaining to disclosure or correction of personal information, please contact us.

Announcements and Revisions that Pertain to the Privacy Policy

Toyo’s policy regarding the personal information of customers and others is publicly available on Toyo’s website.

This privacy policy may be modified in accordance with changes in laws, etc. When the policy is modified, the most recent privacy policy will be posted on the Toyo website. Depending on what has changed, Toyo may also make the most recent policy available or notify individuals of changes through other effective and appropriate means that are deemed necessary.