Toyo Vision

For Now and in the Future of Toyo Corporation

Value Provided

  • 1st Value :Providing Flexible Responses That Meet Genuine Needs

    We communicate closely with our customers to develop a deep understanding of their needs, and our responses to the various demands of our customers are always rooted in a deep understanding of our customers’ situations.

  • 2nd Value :Providing Flexible Application of a Wide Range of Knowledge

    We efficiently use our wide-ranging knowledge of products and manufacturers, developed through our considerable experience, to provide our customers with precise and effective support.

  • 3rd Value :Providing Full use of Global Report

    Thanks to our close partnerships with our branches in other countries, we are able to not only acquire products from overseas, but we are also quickly able to offer services such as providing information about various locations around the world, and helping manufacturers to move to these locations.

  • 4th Value :ProvidingAbsolute Quality

    We work to provide our customers with optimal solutions that are advantageous not only in terms of cost, but also other factors, such as quality, durability, and environmental performance.

Company Symbol

  • This logo symbolizes catching a strong wind and flying high into the sky. It reflects the desire of Toyo Corporation to grow forever with the support we receive from everyone who is involved with us.
    We chose to use dark and light shades of green in the symbol because green, which is our corporate color, represents youth, newness, valuing our coexistence with the natural environment, and working and growing together while always seeking out fresh ideas and perspectives.
    “Linking the Best.” is the essence of our brand and mission. It represents our promise to use our network to globally link every Toyo stakeholder with the best products, information, and other useful items.
    We thank you for your continued support in this endeavor.