Connecting and supporting “manufacturers”
across the world.


The followings are 6 keywords,
represent our concept of "mind",
which we consider important.

  • We are a machine and tool trading company expanding business domestically,
    and further moving into the market across the world

    Toyo was founded in 1955 as a trading company for supporting Japanese manufacturing industries. Since then, Toyo has been offering and supplying tools and machines indispensable for manufacturing sites, especially in the automobile industry. Toyo has been successful in the development of domestic business operations mainly in Aichi Prefecture, and in further expanding its business overseas. At present, Toyo is aiming at further global expansion in various regions overseas - Asia, North and Central America, and Europe - by providing proposals and supplying products suitable for supporting customers' production.

  • Staying close to our customers
    with solutions only Toyo can provide

    Toyo has business connections with a wide variety of supplier manufacturers ranging from top-flight local manufacturers to the leading global manufacturers. By optimizing our “total consulting” capability using our overseas business locations, network, and business activity information derived from our operations as a machine and tool trading company, Toyo confidently ensures the best coordination and full post-delivery support both domestically and globally.

  • A straightforward, honest approach,
    staying patient and never giving up

    Toyo is committed to keeping in touch with our customers and hearing their comments. We are tenacious when it comes to problem-solving and maintaining our customers' level of satisfaction with our services. Our sincere and earnest approach has earned us the trust of our customers, both at home and overseas, who have come to see us as indispensable.

  • 'Meeting customers'
    requirements with full trust

    What makes Toyo needed by customers is backed by making constant efforts and making to act rather than theories or logic. We will give our full support to “manufacturers” by responding with more speed and flexibility than the competitors while assuming total responsibility.

  • Positive actions and outstanding
    communication skills

    In order to maintain customer satisfaction, Toyo promotes not only intra-section communication, but also communication between relevant posts, to ensure the smooth running of the company. Active communication and a positive mindset bring positive results even outside the company.

  • Adapt to change and pursue global competitiveness

    Toyo’s vision is to “implement, at a global level, the optimum situation for the customer”. The ratio between domestic and overseas business operations which has been developed so far is planned to be 50 : 50. The ability to respond to “changes” brought about by different languages and cultures will be increasingly in demand in the future. In order to deliver Toyo’s services - honed by our domestic operations - to prospective customers in the world, we will embrace diversity and create a workforce which can flourish on the global stage.