the Czech Republic

Precision Tools Service Czech s.r.o. (the Czech Republic)

In PTS Czech, the team of 4 Japanese staffs and 15 local staffs is ready for smooth communication with customers aiming at business opportunities through delivery of machines and tools to Japanese manufacturers in auto industries and household electric appliance industries located in Eastern and Central Europe. We have established headquarter in Prague, and office of business in Brno, covering neighbor countries including Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary as business area, and have been performing business activities while prioritizing face-to-face communication with customers through passing products from hand to hand by making good use of mobility. Aiming at being of help to “Japanese Manufacturers”, we are offering services to keep expendable production supplies and secondary materials in stock in accordance with customers’ requests for contributing to stable production in manufacturing industries. Marketing quality tools locally manufactured in Europe, we are capable of flexibly corresponding to the need of localization for satisfying the customers through our business efforts.