Precision Tools Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

PTS Thailand has been performing business activities for Japanese companies in auto and electronics industries since 1999, while holding up the vision “serving as a strong backup for Japanese manufacturers overseas for global competitiveness”. We have 6 locations, Bangna, Rayong, Ayutthaya, Prachin Buri, Chiangmai, Amata Nakorn in Thailand. In all those locations, Japanese employees are stationed to quickly respond customers’ requirements based on our “Customer First” policy. We are marketing diversified products including cutting tool, pneumatic equipment, hydraulic equipment, control equipment measurement equipment and machining tool. The “broad knowledge” sufficient to provide various options is one of our advantageous strengths. Besides sales of the products, PTS Tool as a member of Toyo group companies has been performing after-sales services such as re-sharpening of cutting tool, and manufacturing of special cutting tool.

PTS Tool (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

PTS Tool has two main business areas: resharpening and new products. The resharpening department primarily resharpens broaches and drills. PTS Tool resharpens more than 700 broaches and more than 6,000 drills each month. Half of the employees in the department are quality control specialists who inspect all received and shipped items and work to improve quality. One quality of PTS Tool that makes it stand out is the fact that there are Japanese engineers permanently stationed there. These engineers can quickly respond to problems and offer prompt advice about manufacturing technology.
Also, when design changes make tools unusable, PTS Tool offers services that help clients reuse and improve the tools and provides advice about these services. Because PTS Thailand sells cutting tools, it’s easy for manufacturers to discuss manufacturing technology with PTS Tool.



TOYO ASIA (Tianjin) has launched its business in Xiqing District of Tianjin since January 2011 as a wholly-owned company of Toyo Cooperation, a machine and tool trading company over 60 years. We established branch offices in Tangshan city and Foshan city where customer-related companies are located for developing business activities. We have been marketing such products as tool, system equipment, industrial machinery, and machine tool for Japanese customers in auto industries, who achieved success in China, import of products and facilities from abroad for them, and after-sales services, while holding up the “Customer First” policy just like Toyo. Both Chinese and Japanese staffs are aiming at contribution to customers by product introduction, model selection, and proposal for improvement, which are tailored to the respective customers through face-to-face communication by repeatedly implementing visit to customer at scheduled date on a regular basis with repetition. We are promoting so called 6S (Seiri means “organized state”, Seiton means “tidiness”, Seisou means “cleaning”, Seiketsu means “neatness”, Shitsuke means “discipline”, and Shikkari means “reliable”) activities in unity for realizing the environment which allows all employees to work comfortably and positively yet being kept well disciplined, leading to improved services for customers.


PTS SHANGHAI SALES & TRADING Co., Ltd. was established as a wholly-owned company of Toyo Corporation in November 2011, and has launched its business in Changning, Shanghai since 2012.
We established branch office in WuZhong District, Suzhou. We have organized a system for performing business activities in the positionn close to clients. Based on our "Customer First" policy, we quickly respond customers' demands and offer the same service as Toyo.
We are marketing diversified machines and tools necessary to manufacturers just like Toyo, and offering product solutions and saling our products regardless of internal or external products.
Also, We are promoting so called 6S (Seiri means “organized state”, Seiton means “tidiness”, Seisou means “cleaning”, Seiketsu means “neatness”, Shitsuke means “discipline”, and Shikkari means “reliable”) activities in unity in order to make the workplace environmentally friendly.


PT.Precision Tools Service Indonesia (Indonesia)

PTS Indonesia launched its business in April, 2011, and currently has 3 locations. One is headquarter located in Japabeka industrial complex Phase 3 about 40 km east from Djakarta, and the other is Karawang branch office established in 2015 in KIIC industrial complex about 20 km east from the headquarter. Both locations have developed business activities especially for Japanese component manufacturers in four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicle industries to provide finely prepared services concerning sales and transportation of tool and facility while thoroughly following the “Customer First” policy. The headquarter in Japabeka runs brooch polishing factory which is available for many customers.
Indonesia has a population of 240 million, a major part of which is occupied by young generation, which is expected to have great potentialities. Indonesia of the southern hemisphere has many differences from Japan in language, religion, and culture. However, PTS Indonesia will strive, in collaboration with local staffs for contribution to Japanese manufactures in Indonesia through implementation of business faithful to Toyo Style.


Toyo Corporation India Branch Office

India Branch Office in Bangalore, southern India launched its business in 2015 as India branch of Toyo Corporation for supporting Japanese manufacturers who have broadened its business in India through services similar to those practiced in Japan.
We have been dealing with import of reliable Japanese products used in Mother factory, and delivery of machines, tools, and information of the respective countries through our network for linking the respective locations in 8 countries such as United State and Thailand.
We have assisted customers in local procurement of machines and tools in Indian market with severe price competition.