Company History

Company History

Founding to 1990's

Jan. 1955 Organized as a successor having fulll rights to the business of the dissolved. Tool Marketing Department of the Kariya Machine Industry Cooperative.
Feb. 1963 Incorporated Toyo Shokai Corporation with capital of 500,000 yen.
Jul. 1970 On re-increase of capital (by 16 million yen), sought equity stake by AISIN (25%) and augmented the company's management base.
Jun. 1971 Established new Toyama Office in Nyuzen-machi, Shimoniikawa-gun, Toyama Prefecture.
Jul. 1980 Changed the company name from Toyo Shokai to Toyo Corporation.
Dec. 1985 Opened Okazaki Office in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture.
Sep. 1988 Incorporated Precision Tools Service, Inc. in Indiana, USA.
Sep. 1990 Opened Izumi Branch in Anjo, Aichi Prefecture.
Nov. 1990 Completed work on new Head office building in Kariya, Aichi Prefecture.
Oct. 1991 Opened Chita Office in Handa, Aichi Prefecture.
Opened Toyohashi Office in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture.
May. 1993 Opened Kumamoto Office in Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture.
Aug. 1999 Incorporated Precision Tools Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand.


Apr. 2000 Acquired ISO9001 certification.
Nov. 2001 Incorporated PTS Tool (Thailand) Co., Ltd, Thailand.
Jul. 2002 Capital increased to 485.32 million yen.
Jan. 2004 Opened Sangane Office in Kota-cho, Nukata-gun, Aichi Prefecture.
Joined Nippon Keidanren(Japan Business Federation).
Feb. 2005 Incorporated Precision Tools Service Czech s.r.o. in Prague, Czech Republic.
Apr. 2005 Incorporated Precision Tools Service Australia Pty Ltd in Melbourne, Australia.
Apr. 2006 Opened Fukuoka Office in Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture.
Apr. 2007 Opened Tomakomai Office in Tomakomai, Hokkaido.
Aug. 2008 Opened Hekinan Office in Hekinan, Aichi Prefecture.
Jan. 2008 Completed work on new Head Office main building in Kariya, Aichi Prefecture.
Aug. 2008 Acquired ISO 14001 certification.


Jan. 2011 Incorporated TOYO ASIA (TIANJIN) SALES   TRADING CO., LTD in China.
Apr. 2011 Incorporated PT. Precision Tools Service Indonesia in Cikarang, Indonesia.
Sep. 2011 Incorporated PTS SHANGHAI SALES   TRADING Co., Ltd in China.
Apr. 2012 Opened TMG center in Anjo, Aichi Prefecture.
Aug. 2013 Incorporated PTS Precision Tools Service de Mexico S.A. de C.V. in Mexico.
Feb. 2014 Incorporated Global Center in Kariya, Aichi Prefecture.
Oct. 2014 Opened Takefu Office in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture.
Apr. 2017 Opened Sasebo Office in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Apr. 2018 Opened Mizunami Office in Toki, Gifu Prefecture.