Tool Sales

High-Quality High-Precision Products with Highly Reliable Functionality

  • We have wide variety of products including cutting tools, maintenance parts, FA equipment and bolts which are indispensable for manufacturing.Our sales representative will make proposals of the most suitable product for the customer, selected from the product lineup in accordance with purposes and conditions such as long service life, effectiveness, and energy saving.

    Products List

    • Cutting Tools
    • Tooling
    • Mechanical Hand Tools
    • Mechanical Hand Tools
    • Loading and Unloading Equipment
    • Power Tools and Equipment
    • Electrical Control Equipment
    • Pneumatic Equipment
    • Hydraulic Equipment
    • Measuring Equipment
    • Bolts
    • Seasonal Products and Office Equipment
    • Materials
    • Oleochemicals
    • Plumbing Equipment and Pumps
    • Environmental Equipment

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