Management Philosophy and Fundamental Policies

Management Philosophy

  • Mission (Raison d'etre)

    Contributing to support for the smooth overeas business operations of Japanese manufacturing industries.

    Management Philosophy

    Through following the path of continual innovation we aim to maintain relations with our customers based on trust. By always applying reason and logic, we hope to bring about an improved quality of life. Our goal is to be seen as "world champions" of manufacturing industries as a result of our business activities and contributions to society.

Fundamental Policies

  • Putting Customers First

    The Raison d'etre of the corporation is best seen only when customers appreciate the value derived from their business deals with the corporation. In this respect, we prioritize our corporate operations to satisfy the needs of our customers more than anything else.
    We believe that an evolving and flexible growth strategy, adapted to fullfil customers' needs, ensures that we will always be able to deliver customer service.

  • Concentrating Our Efforts

    In pursuit of our company's unique strengths, and to set ourselves apart from our competitors, we will proactively direct management resources into activities aimed at maintaining a high level of competitiveness.

  • Safety Policy

    Rather than seeking to maximize profits and sales, Toyo will seek out safe growth. Our actions will always be guided by understanding that the basis of permanent prosperity and survival is continual hard work and the creation of economic value through knowledge and labor, rather than getting caught up in temporary bubbles and the pursuit of false benefits.

  • Effective Management of the Environment

    Through the pursuit of the the 6S (arrangement, order, cleaning, cleanliness sanitation, discipline, and dedication [Japanese: seiri, seiton, seisou, seiketsu, shitsuke, and shikkari]), we will find and lay bare all inefficient practices in our company, and in so doing provide an environment that is easy to work in, and ensure that our company functions as effectively as possible.