Group Companies

Tokyo Prefecture

  • TOSMAX Corporation

    TOSMAX Corporation is an import company that was formed from Toyo Corporation’s import department as the business areas covered by the Toyo group continued to grow. TOSMAX imports consumer products to Japan, primarily shoes, that are produced in bulk overseas and have excellent designs and functionality. TOSMAX primarily sells them to major volume retailers and specialty stores, and we are working on direct retail via the internet. Its ambitious business activities have earned it a significant amount of trust from customers and consumers. The headquarters are located in Tokyo while the logistics delivery center for nationwide distribution is in Aichi. TOSMAX is a company with consumers’ perspective, and we develop and import products that meet a variety of needs.

    Nakameguro GT Tower 11Fl, 2-1-1 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku,Tokyo 153-0051 Japan(Google Maps)

  • Japan Labotech Corporation

    Japan Labotech Corporation is a comprehensive inspection company which provides quality control and consulting services. In addition to quality check and hygiene and ingredient analysis for consumer goods such as clothing product, general goods, and food, we offer compliance verifications with standards including JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), Food Sanitation Law, Household Goods Quality Law, and customer’s internal standards. We also investigate the cause of accidents and complaints and provide advice on improvement. With the experience of these actual quality inspections and accident response, our methods to identify quality risks of new products in advance, audit factories, and create display and instruction manual will support our customer to sublimate themselves into a higher quality organization which can strengthen their own risk management system, prevent quality accidents, and avoid unnecessary costs and brand damage.

    1-42-2 Itabashi, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 173-0004 Japan(Google Maps)

Aichi Prefecture


    TOYO IDD CENTER is a logistics delivery center to distribute consumer goods handled by our group company TOSMAX to retailers all over Japan. Moreover, we operate a nationwide joint delivery system for consumer goods handled by other specialized wholesalers. In Okazaki-city, Aichi, we carry out daily storage, management, and shipping operations to deliver products to customers at more than 1,000 locations, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south in appropriate and speedy manner. We are a company that not only responds to requests from customers but also pursue efficiency and provide high value-added services to customers.

    1-32 Kamigongen Oka-cho, Okazaki City, Aichi, 444-0005 Japan(Google Maps)

Tochigi Prefecture

  • Nihon Kai Medical co.,LTD

    Nihon Kai Medical co.,LTD is a company with which Toyo have formed a capital alliance since March 2022 as the business areas covered by the Toyo group continued to grow. We are a specialized trading company which establishes strong connections with medical device manufacturers, and proposes from development to prototyping and mass production of diagnotistic imaging equipment parts for medical devices. In the development stage and the prototyping stage, we utilize our own network of suppliers such as processing and parts manufacturers to realize commercialization in response to customer requests. Moreover, as a response to the mass production stage of products, we keep "Just in time" in mind, provide stable supply in cooperation with customers, and support the construction and optimization of commercial distribution. We are a company that put ourselves in the customer's shoes and creates and provides valuable services.

    1771-69 Shimoishigami, Otawara City, Tochigi, 324-0036 Japan(Google Maps)